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Amalteya Ltd. produces and sells bags for different kinds of bulk products. Different industries and branches of agriculture use products produced by Amalteya Ltd. They include cement industry, sugar production, flour-milling industry, and packing of mineral fertilisers.

Company started production of woven polypropylene bags in 1998. Its productive capacity is 15 000 000 bags per year. The features of the machinery allow to produce circular woven bags for filling 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 kg of different density, colour, with UV stabilisation.

Description of the bags:

  • hot cut or hemmed top;
  • with or without liner;
  • valve or open / pillow type bags.


Printing machine allows to use up to 4 colours for marking on one or two sides of the bags according to the request of the customer.

The product is packed into piles of 500-1000 pcs. Exact number of the bags and 100 % of quality is guaranteed in each pile.

The company has the trucks of it's own to provide timely delivery of the goods to the buyers. Amaletya Ltd. employs 400 workers.

In 2007 Amalteya Ltd. doubled the output of the bags to more than 30 000 000 bags per year.